Composer and pianist Andreas F. Staffel

Andreas Staffel

The composer, pianist and performer Andreas F. Staffel is one of the most versatile and iridescent characters of the contemporary music scene. His compositions comprehend full-sized orchestral pieces, operas, film and theatre music and variable chamber and solo music pieces.

In his capacity as a pianist and performer, the one time student of Prof. Oleg Maisenberg masterclasses works together with all kinds of ensemble, soloists and orchestras in the domain of 20th century classical music and chamber music. He also works with DJ´s, Rockbands and actors. His own duo, named “ad lib." (in cooperation with the soundartist Julius Holtz) combines composed music with live electronic, improvisation and video art.

The high expressive music of Andreas F. Staffel plays often with the respective limits and tabous of the various genres. His unique sense of sounds and language is marked by great frankness and curiosity towards new and unknown fields. Lots of his works are inspired by contemporary paintings like Gerhard Richter (an artist that Staffel adores) The pianopiece “Magic squares” is based on a picture of Paul Klee.

Litereture is another great passion of the composer. In 2009 the music pedagogue and organizer Andreas Staffel opened his music studio “Ohrpheo” in Berlin, Prenzlauer-Berg, which has become a fascinating meeting point of social and artistic life.

Thomas Heinicke, Stuttgart

Musical Education

Study of composing under Bojidar Dimov (Robert Schumann Conservatory, Düsseldorf) and Prof. Manfred Trojahn and Wilfried Maria Danner (Cologne)
Master courses under Wolfgang Rihm and Henri Dutilleux, Paris
Attendance at the Darmstadt Holiday Courses for New Music
Study of the piano under Prof. Andreas Maier Herrmann (Conservatory, Frankfurt a. M.) and in the master class of Prof. Oleg Maisenberg (Conservatory, Stuttgart)
Master courses under Pierre-Laurant Aimard (Cologne), Pi-Hsien Chen (Buckower Music Workshop) and Vitali Margoulis (Freiburg Piano Courses).

Artistic Activity

Compositions for solo instruments with or without orchestras, for orchestras alone, for chamber ensembles, for the stage and with live electronics and tapes.

Piano soloist and chamber musician.

Performances at festivals such as the following:
Acceuil Musicale, Paris (1996, 1997), Ackerstadtpalast,
Bishkek, Kirgisistan Konzerte und Masterclasses (2013) • BKA unerhörte Musik (2007, 2010, 2012),
Con Fuoco Konzertreihe, Zürich-Enge (1995) • Concours Henri Dutilleux, St. Pierre des Corps (2008) • Centro Cultural Sao Paolo Brazil (2016),
Dresdener Bachtage 2016,
uregio Musiktage, Portraitkonzert (1999) • Euriade Festival Heerlen, (2000, 2001),
Festival der Edna Millay Foundation New York-Austerlitz (2004) • Festival St. Julien, Languedoc (1999) • Freiburg, Konzert der Innenhöfe (2004),
Hellerau (Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden),
Iberoamerikanisches Festival Havanna, In Front Festival (2001) • Intersonanzenfestival Brandenburg, Potsdam (2008-2013) • Introstichting Maastricht, NL (1999),
Literaturm Festival Frankfurt (2004)Lviv (Lemberg), Ukrainia, Festival Contrasts (2018),
oskau, ZIL (2015)Musicloft Köln,
ingbo Art Festival in Südchina (2000),
Ohrenstrand Festival für Neue Musik, Berlin HBF (2011), Ostbelgienfestival (2003) • O´Culto da Ajuda, Lisboa (2017),
Ploiesti, Bukarest - Konzerttournee mit rumänischem Symphonieorchester (1999) • Prager Frühling (Prag 2009) • Pyramidale Berlin- Hellersdorf (2012),
Weimarer Frühjahrstage für Neue Musik (2013),
athauskonzerte Potsdam (2007),
eheran, Musical Instruments Museum (2015),
Wabe Berlin (2017),
epernicker Randspiele (2009),

Television appearances on WDR (1995, 1996) and in the south of China.

Compositions commissioned for

the Opera of the City of Frankfurt, the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, the Euriade Festival, the television stations BR, HR, WDR, the Hasenclever Literature Society, the RWTH's Institute for Water in Residential Areas, the Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation and the East Belgium Festival and so on.

CD Productions

Correspondance (improvisations with an organ and piano) Andreas Staffel, piano, and C. M. Frommen, organ, (Aeolusmusic) 1995
Andreas Staffel, Portrait CD (piano solo) (Aeolusmusic) 1996
Nachtstücke/Nocturnes (Aeolusmusic, Düsseldorf) 1999
Wassermusik/Water Music (Undamaris, Düsseldorf) 2001
Chamber Music 2004
Treibgut 2014-2016

Work together with

Pavlos Antoniadis (piano), Silke Aichhorn (harp), Apparat (DJ), Auditivvocal Dresden (choir), Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Berges (speaker), Duo Bögeholz Mossalini (bandoneon/guitar), Markus Bosch (conductor), DŸSE (rock band), Ensemble Correspondance, Sonic Art Saxophone Quartett, Ensemble E-Werk (4 electric guitars), Moritz Ernst (piano), Thomas Fehlmann (DJ Tresor), Yvonne Friedli (soprano), Jan Gerdes (piano), Martin und Cecilia Gelland (violin), Stephan Goldbach (double bass), Monika Gossmann (actress), Katia Guedes (soprano), Katharina Hanstedt (harp), Margarete Huber (soprano), Claudia Herr (soprano), Ashley Hribar (piano), Ensemble Junge Musik Berlin, Susanne Kessel (pianist), Andra Kokott (director), Ensemble Konvergence (Prague),Maulwerker (vocal ensemble), Metaboles (string quartet, France), Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME), Wang Whoo Moon (cello), Ensemble Mosaik, Minguetquartett (string quartet), Musashi Baba (conductor), Andreas Neufeld (violin), Theo Nabicht (double bass clarinet), Sinfonieorchester Aachen, Marlene Streeruwitz (writer), Hans Joachim Schädlich (writer), Daniel Seroussi (piano), Christine Simolka (baritone), Susanne Stock (accordion), Lisa Ströckens (soprano), Martin Tchiba (piano), Sergej Tchirkov (accordion, Moscow), Antje Thierbach (oboe), Neza Torka (accordion), Nasan Tur (visual artist), Rene Wohlhauser (baritone), Claudius von Wrochem (cello), Xenon Ensemble, Helmut Zapf (conductor)

Performances conducted by Marcus R. Bosch, J. Hulin, Musashi Baba, P. Sbarcea, W. Trommer and Helmut Zapf.
Literary-musical projects with the reciter Walter Liedtke (WDR3), Pedro Obiera, Karl Walter Sprungala (launching of the concert series 'Soirée musicale') and Prof. Dr. W. Berges.
Work together with the video artist Kai Gussek (music for the film "Water").

Andreas Staffel is a fellow of the art house Lukas and of the Millay Foundation in New York, an award-winner of the Edward C. Cone Foundation in New Jersey and a finalist of several international competitions for composers.

Teaching activity
Guest lecturer at the music academies in Tiansing, Ningbo, Hangzouh, Wengzouh, Tsingwangtao (China), Akademie Schloss Rheinsberg, Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan, with friendly support from the Foreign Office), Lisbon (with friendly support from the Goethe Institute). Further teaching activities at the Johann-Sebastian-Bach Musikschule Potsdam and at the Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin.