Crowdfunding for my new CD-project 'Kitschresistent'
Andreas F. Staffel (composer), Daniel Weingarten (Tonmeister), Jan Gerdes (pianist) - CD-Production Kitschresistent (Crowdfunding)

Crowdfunding for the CD 'Kitschresistent'

Dear friends,

for my new CD project, the creation of the CD'Kitschresistent', I need your help!

The CD will contain 15 piano pieces of mine from the years 2006 - 2017. We (Jan Gerdes, pianist | Daniel Weingarten, Tonmeister and I) would be very happy if you would support us with a small contribution and become part of our team!

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CD 'Treibgut'
Cover of the CD 'Treibgut'

CD 'Treibgut'

On 5.12.2016 my new CD Treibgut with chamber music from the years 2015 - 2016 was released, played by internationally renowned performers. It costs 10,- € (plus shipping).

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Recent concert programs (selection)

ad lib.: Tastennetze

ad lib.: Julius Holtz and Andreas F. Staffel, © dirk hasskarl/fotografie
ad lib.: Julius Holtz and Andreas F. Staffel, © dirk hasskarl/fotografie

A.F. Staffel: piano, Prepared piano, toy piano, melodica, midi piano
J. Holtz: Live electronics, record player

The Duo ad lib. results from the artistic exchange between Andreas Staffel and Julius Holtz in which two different artistic personalities and attitudes meet each other.

Staffel studied piano at the conservatory Frankfurt a. M., within the masterclass of Prof. Oleg Maisenberg and composition at the conservatory Stuttgart with Bojidar Dimov. His work ranges from solo pieces and chamber music to big orchestra pieces and opera.

Holtz grew up as a musician in the context of subcultural electronic music and studied within the Sound Studies program of UDK Berlin. He works in the field of improvised electronics, performance, multichannel concrete sound-compositions and installation.

For the project a:toc Holtz works with electronic material of different form and origin and processes the piano sound of the compositions of Andreas F. Staffel.
The compositions of Staffel work with subtile interlaced and contrasting tempers which initiate rooms that are filtered and supplemented by electronics.

Further information on the literature can be found here (

Cultural Promotion 2016 Andreas F. Staffel and Julius Holtz for their project: Contemporary Remix. The Berlin Senate and the Initiative Neue Musik (INM) have selected the new project of the duo among many applications. The event takes place in the summer 2016th The concert dates will be published here soon!

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Aleppo - Berlin, a journey in 7 pictures

Alleppo - Berlin: Andreas F. Staffel am Klavier, Omar LRose als Tänzer

Dancing to Survive - A Journey from Aleppo to Berlin

Omar LRose, dance, concept, choreography and lighting
Andreas F. Staffel, composition and piano

The play begins before the Syrian Civil War. Omar works as a confectioner in Aleppo.

We see him in the circle of his friends and family, serving cakes in his café, playing football and dancing with friends. Suddenly the war broke in. Bombs fall from everywhere, family members are dragged away. With his last savings, Omar booked an inflatable for himself and his sister, which was to bring him to Greece for € 7,000.

With thirty people he climbed the boat. After they are twice almost capsized, they reach the Greek mainland. There they are registered by the police.

Omar lives in a provisional apartment of a smuggler. Because of minor offenses, he is repeatedly imprisoned and experiences with racist security officials.

After the human smuggler has burned with his savings, Omar alone goes to the foot trip to Germany. In Macedonia he is again taken up by the police and sent back to Greece. Omar lives for a few years in Athens and gets in touch with a dance group and takes dance lessons. He contests his livelihood as a confectioner. After spending some money again, he makes his way back to Germany. Here he lives for several months in a mass accommodation in Bramsche. He is discovered by a dancer and receives a seasonal contract at the theater in Osnabrück. Here he now lives and waits for the approval of his asylum application.

The Syrian dancer Omar LRose, together with the composer and pianist Andreas F. Staffel, developed a theater in which the adventurous stations of his escape were artistically implemented. The Berlin composer Andreas F. Staffel sketched Omar's journey in seven scenic pictures. The main success is the wing, which is used as a hiding place, a cave, a prison as well as a boat and an asylum authority. The different perspectives of the escape are shown visually through the use of light and shadow effects and the addition of video excerpts. A section of the approx. One-hour program was very successful last year in the context of a charity event for Moabit helps in Berlin.

Dance to survive is suitable for all age classes and is also very suitable for performances with school classes. Omar's fate is the proxy for the fate of many fugitives. In a fascinating way, the project shows how dance and music can be the hope and the strength to survive.


Brecht auf

Margarete Huber, soprano
Jan Kobow, tenor
Lucas Brunnert, violin
Andreas F. Staffel, piano and program

Songs by Andreas F. Staffel (8 songs for love poems by Bertolt Brecht, tercets about love for soprano, tenor, violin and piano). In addition, works by Paul-Heinz Dittrich, Georg Katzer, Christfried Schmidt and Sebastian Stier.

In September 2012 is approaching the fiftieth anniversary of Hanns Eisler. Taking this opportunity, we present an evening of songs with song settings of  from three generations of Berlin composers.

The composer Christfried Schmidt 3 songs set to music by his Heinz Czechowski, Heiner Müller, and Günter Kunert in the sixties. The technically sophisticated and extremely heavy songs, like many works of very idiosyncratic composers were played since its first performance only rarely. Until 2012, it will premiere at the Berlin festival Brecht. Paul Heinz Dittrich complex and expressive musical language was recognized by Hanns Eisler and promoted in the master class of Wagner Régeny. From him four songs resound with Lyrics by Russian poets. The Heine songs by Georg Katzer are from the year 1974. The Paul-Heinz Dittrich student Sebastian Stier has set for his program (originally written for Ensemble) "Four Love Songs" for soprano and piano fashioned. The 8 love songs by Andreas F. Staffel originated in the years between 1999 and 2012. Brecht's love poems to accompany the composer and deal in a long time. Here you can talk about a "work in progress". BKA first time, the entire cycle will be heard. The "tercetts about love" the head of the Berlin Brecht house, Ursula Vogel dedicated. There they were at 30.06. premiered this year.

Klavierabend: Hommage á Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

Première Arabesque (1888)
Claire du lune (1990)
Isle joyeuse (1904)
Images (1907)
Cloches à travers les feuilles
Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut
Poissons d'or


Études - Livre II (1915)
Pour les degrés chromatiques
Pour les agréments
Pour les notes répétées
Pour les sonorités opposées
Pour les arpèges composés
Pour les accords

Andreas F. Staffel:

Improvisation sur C.D.


Neue Musik
  • Pierre Boulez:
    Une Page d´ephemeride

  • Wilfried Maria Danner:
    Sonate, Aphorismen

  • Bojidar Dimov:
    Scriabinrituals, Schubertrituals

  • Henri Dutilleux:
    Sonate, Les jeux du contraires

  • Karl Amadeus Hartmann:
    Sonate 27. April 1945

  • M.Hirsch:
    Monologe für Klavier (2001)

  • Hans Werner Henze:
    Cherubino (3 Stücke für Klavier)
    Une petite phrase

  • Hindemith:
    Suite 1925

  • Mauricio Kagel:
    An Tasten
    Á deux mains

  • Wilhelm Killmayer:
    Auszüge aus Nocturnes (An John Field)

  • Ernst Krenek:
    Klavierstücke op.39

  • Peter Köszhegy:
    Sun (für Toypiano)

  • György Ligeti:
    Aus den Etüden erstes Buch (Fanfaren, Arc en ciel, Automn à Varsavie)

  • Luca Lombardi:

  • Arthur Lourié:
    Formes en l'air

  • Frank Martin:
    aus 8 Préludes: Prélude Nr.7

  • Oliviér Messiaen:
    Auszüge aus den Preludes und Vingt Regards
    Mode de valeurs et d'intensitées

  • Per Nørgard:

  • F.M. Olbrich:
    Face the nations für präpariertes Klavier

  • Carlos Sandeval Mendoza:
    pfmd (Klavier und Elektronik)

  • Oliver Schneller:
    Five imaginary spaces für Klavier

  • Arnold Schoenberg:
    Klavierstücke op. 11, op.19, op.23

  • Heinrich Ignaz Straßfogl:

  • Erwin Schulhoff:
    Hotmusic (Ten syncopated studies)

  • Stockhausen:
    Klavierstück Nr. 8

  • Tan Dun:

  • Stefan Wolpe:
    Gesang weil ich etwas Teures verlassen muss

Klassisches Repertoire
  • Bach:
    Aus dem Wohltemperierten Clavier Bd.I: Präludien und Fugen Nr.1-9,12-15,18,21,22,24; Bd.II: Nr.1,4,9,14
    Partiten Nr.1,2 und 6
    Französische Suite Nr.5
    Inventionen u.a.

  • Mozart:
    Sonaten Nr.6,8,9,11,12,16
    Fantasie Kv 475
    Variationen über ah vous dirais je,maman
    kleine Klavierstücke(Programm zum Mozartjahr 2006)

  • Haydn:
    Sonate D-Dur und e-moll

  • Beethoven:
    Klaviersonaten op.2 Nr.3, op.10 Nr.5,0p.13(Pathetique) op.27 Nr.2 (Mondschein)op.31 Nr.2 (Sturm), op.81a (Les Adieux), op.109.110,111
    Die Wut über den verlorenen Groschen

  • Chopin:

  • Liszt:
    Sonate in h-moll
    Grandes Etudes d´execution transcendentes(nr.4,9,10,11)
    späte Klavierstücke
    Les jeux d´eau a´la villa d´este

  • John Field:
    Zwei Nocturnes

  • Robert Schumann:
    Fantasie op.17
    Gesänge der Frühe

  • Joseph Jongen:
    Clair du lune

  • Dandrieu:

  • Debussy:
    Auszüge aus den Préludes
    Isle joyeuse
    Images Bd.1 und 2
    Clair de lune

  • Ravel:
    Jeux d´eaux

  • Franck:
    Prelude, Choral et Fugue

  • Prokofjeff:
    Visions fugetives (Auszüge)

  • Scriabin:
    Sonate Nr.4, Nr.9
    Auszüge aus den Préludes op.11
    Etudes op.8
    Fünf Préludes op. 74

  • Rachmaninoff:
    Einige Préludes

Andreas Staffel's repertoire includes also a lot of chamber music with various instruments.